Pool 14 / “First Blush” (Chris Pitsiokos, Javier Areal Vélez, KM)

hi all, hope folks are hanging in there. two things: (1) the next Pool online “show” is Thursday 9/3 @ 8pm EST! tune in from the Pool facebook page. excited to be sharing some very excellent work by: Luke Stewart (electronics / visuals), Vio Garcia (cello), and Chris Williams / Patrick Shiroishi (cornet / sax).Continue reading “Pool 14 / “First Blush” (Chris Pitsiokos, Javier Areal Vélez, KM)”

William Parker “Trencadis” out now

Hi folks, was honored to play on several of the discs for William Parker’s upcoming 10-CD box set, “Migration of Silence In and Out of the Tone World.” William just released a record called “Trencadis” on bandcamp, which has one track from each of the upcoming CD’s. I’m on tracks 5 & 6: https://williamparker.bandcamp.com/album/trencadis-a-selection-from-migration-of-silence-into-and-out-of-the-tone-world

Kevin Murray/William Parker/Dave Sewelson/Kaelen Ghandhi “Live at the Bushwick Series” OUT NOW!

Stoked that this one is finally out. KM, drums; William Parker, bass; Dave Sewelson, baritone saxophone; Kaelen Ghandhi, tenor saxophone. Released by Gaucimusic, recorded January 2019. Pick up a CD from me here, or check out some audio and download it here. Massive thanks to Stephen Gauci for making this happen and producing the record.Continue reading “Kevin Murray/William Parker/Dave Sewelson/Kaelen Ghandhi “Live at the Bushwick Series” OUT NOW!”

Murray/Sato/Weeks – “Hard Boiled” repress + “Live in Sunnyvale”

Hi folks! “Hard Boiled” (myself, Kazuto Sato on basses, Tom Weeks on saxophones) just got repressed, so you can get a CD for $6 bucks on our bandcamp. ALSO the same trio just released a live set from July 1st, 2019 for free download / 20 limited edition CDr’s. get that HERE. More music comingContinue reading “Murray/Sato/Weeks – “Hard Boiled” repress + “Live in Sunnyvale””


Ghandhi / Murray / Rubinstein playing some shows. also, on November 4th at Bushwick Public House William Parker, Dave Sewelson, Kaelen Ghandhi, and I will play a set to mark the official birth of my live album with the same group. more details soon. OCTOBER (click links for more info): 10/5 – GMR @ Willimantic Records, CT – GhandhiMurrayRubinsteinDuvalOlsonGannonLaroccaMilberger+Essi 10/6 – GMR @ UUUContinue reading “OCTOBER”

Murray/Sato/Weeks – “Hard Boiled” OUT NOW + tour dates

Hello! there is a new record out featuring Kazuto Sato on bass, Tom Weeks on saxophones, and myself on drums called “HARD BOILED”. You can find it on bandcamp HERE. We will also have CD copies available at our upcoming shows. See the flyer / SHOWS tab for more details. I have also added whereContinue reading “Murray/Sato/Weeks – “Hard Boiled” OUT NOW + tour dates”