4/21 – Murray/Sato/Weeks “Soldiers” (CD/DL, Wolfsblood 11)

3/21 – Tom Weeks/Caspar Sonnet/KM “Amplified/Unamplified” (CS/DL, Andromache 06)

1/21 – William Parker “Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World – [Volumes 1–10]” (CD Box/DL, AUM Fidelity/Centering 1020-29)

1/21 – T.J. Borden/James McKain/KM “A Picaresque History of Salted Meats” (CD/DL, Makeshift Encounters)

12/20 – Joe Morris/Chris Pitsiokos/KM “Species Machine” (DL, Glacial Erratic)

10/20 – Elaine the Singer “Elaine the Singer” (S/R, DL)

9/20 – Chris Pitsiokos/Javier Areal Velez/KM “First Blush” (CD/DL, 1039 Records 001)

5/20 – William Parker “Trencadís” (DL, Centering Music)

2/20 – Kaelen Ghandhi/KM “Bounce (Demo)” (DL, S/R)

10/19 – Kevin Murray/William Parker/Dave Sewelson/Kaelen Ghandhi “Live at the Bushwick Series” (CD/DL, Gaucimusic)

10/19 – Murray/Sato/Weeks “July 1st, 2019, Sunnyvale, CA” (CD/DL, Wolfsblood 09)

7/19 – Murray/Sato/Weeks “Hard Boiled” (CD/DL, Wolfsblood 08)

12/18 – Elaine the Singer “Demos” (DL, S/R)

10/18 – SFJazz High School All-Stars “2017-18” (CD/DL)

1/16 – Percentage Bridge “Library Chiller Replacement” (3″ CD/DL, Subruckus Collective 026)

9/15 – Placozoa Dictatorship “Work Life/Healthy Living” (CS/DL, Subruckus Collective 025)

5/15 – Kevin Murray Quartet “Primary Sound” (CD/DL, Subruckus Collective 019)

1/15 – Placozoa Dictatorship ft. Rome Yamilov “The Unraveling, Elusive Beads Too” (CDr/DL, Subruckus Collective 014)

10/14 – Placozoa Dictatorship “Covert” (3″ CD/DL, Subruckus Collective 011)

9/14 – Parhelion “Morphism – Live on KFJC ft. Clause Ferguson” (CD/CS, Subruckus Collective 004)

8/14 – Placozoa Dictatorship “Corpse Rot” (CS/DL, Subruckus Collective 006)

8/14 – Placozoa Dictatorship “Inevitable Invasion” (6″ lathe/CDr, Subruckus Collective 003)

12/13 – Parhelion “Pineapple City” (CD/DL, S/R)

4/13 – Parhelion “Toccata and Other Bedtime Stories” (CD, S/R)


Strictly Missionary (Chris Pitsiokos, sax; Wendy Eisenberg, guitar; Richard Lenz, bass; Nick Neuburg, percussion; KM)
SET STARTS AT 10:33:58

Elaine the Singer (side project of Floral; Ty Mayer, guitar & comp; Nate Sherman, bass; KM)

from “Elaine the Singer” (2020)

Murray/Sato/Weeks (KM; Kazuto Sato, bass; Tom Weeks, sax – collaborative improvising trio)

live in San Francisco ft. William Winant

Kevin Murray 4tet w/ William Parker, bass; Dave Sewelson, bari; Kaelen Ghandhi, tenor

from the album “Live at the Bushwick Series” (2019)

GMR: Kaelen Ghandhi, saxophones; KM, drums; Aaron Rubinstein, guitar.


The Investors (an earlier Floral side proj.)
Parhelion (duo with Nathan Ho – this set ft. Claude Ferguson)
solo project – ft. Rome Yamilov, guit.
Percentage Bridge – w/ Joe DiLeo, guitar

Kevin Murray Quartet w/ Esther Berndt, sax; Daniel Magay, sax; Charlie Channel, bass.