Kevin Murray (b. 2000, Mountain View, CA) is an NYC-based drummer, saxophonist, improvisor, and organizer. He co-founded DIY label Subruckus Collective in 2013, and has continued his organizing efforts since moving to NYC in 2018 via the Pool Improvised Music Series and 1039 Records. He has been actively performing since 2012 in projects including Elaine the Singer, Strictly Missionary, the Eddie Gale Inner Peace Arkestra, the Kevin Murray Quartet, Percentage Bridge, Parhelion, and more.

Additionally, Murray has performed and/or recorded as an improviser with Joe Morris, William Parker, Cooper-Moore, Eddie Gale, William Winant, Arrington de Dionyso, Chris Pitsiokos, Joanna Mattrey, Peter Kuhn, Sam Weinberg, Henry Fraser, Ava Mendoza, Joshua Allen, Alex Cohen, Tim Duff, Drew Wesely, Kazuto Sato, John Schott, Rent Romus, Dave Sewelson, gabby fluke-mogul, Nicole Mitchell, Jackson Krall, T.J. Borden, Elinor Speirs, Tom Weeks, James McKain, Claude Ferguson, Leo Suarez, Nathan Corder, Aaron Rubinstein, Kaelen Ghandhi and many more.

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